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1 Introduction

The Netwhere Client for Linux provides full access to Novell Netware servers using MARS-NWE, IPXUTILS and NCPFS.

2 History

The program is based upon James Leone's post called:

Netware Client for Linux Solution

3 Status

This is a fully functional Netware Client for Linux that can dependably log into all versions of Netware running IPX.

It is designed to work with RPM (Red Hat) and Apt-get (Debian) based installation systems. The software is light on bandwidth as the zip file is only 29.9 KB.

Mars NWE seems to provide some NDS services as well, which will allow a user to log into a Netware server when previously unsucessful with other methods. The installation is fully automated. However, users of Apt-get based systems are able to download the necessary packages automatically as well. There are plans to do the same for RPM packages.

4 History

The Netwhere Client for Linux is an English version of the Nubell GUI front end found here However, Netwhere goes beyond supplying a GUI front end. The installation package has been modified from its original form, which was partially written by Ken Conrad of Novel.

The installation script retrieves or advises the user to retrieve all of the necessary packages that will log the user into a Netware server. The GUI provides the user with a clear indication of his login status as well as a familiar look to the login process.

5 Why Not Novel?

Novel is a good solution for a large number of Linux users that would like to log into their Netware servers. However, it does not work under all circumstances.

However Netwhere will allow Linux clients access to Netware 4 servers which Novel didn't appear to provide as of December 2002.

I applaud Ken for his work on Novel. He is a very good programmer with a cautious eye for security. Unfortunately, Ken decided to not include Mars-Nwe in Novel.

So, because Mars-nwe is a necessary and fundamental part of enabling some Linux clients to access Netware 4 and 5 servers, I decided to create Netwhere on my own.

Once Novel can be used by all versions of Netware, there will no longer be a need for this project, and I will happily send people his way.

6 How to Install

    Download Netwhere
  1. Unzip: gzip -dc netwhere.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  2. Cd netwhere
  3. sh
  4. Answer the setup questions & enjoy!
James Leone